Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We have the answers.

Can you fix my pain in one session?

We can’t claim to be able to get you completely out of pain in one session, but we always try to get the best possible results from a single session.

If we feel more sessions would be required, we’d advise as such but we also provide appropriate exercises following the session to maintain or continue the rehabilitation process.

How often do you recommend maintenance sessions?

If you’re a regular gym goer or athlete regularly putting your body through it’s paces, it’s smart to have regular maintenance sessions but how often is down to you, listen to your body, some weeks may be tougher than others.

Do you have any female staff?

Currently, we do not. This may change in the future but currently just one male member of staff. Get to know Irshaad here.

Do you offer a mobile service?

I’m afraid not. To be able to offer the best possible service, we only offer at location services.

Are there any side effects?

Following a sessions, you can expect some redness in the area that has been worked and some soreness for a couple of days.

Do you treat children and is it safe to do so?

Althought the treatments are safe to perform on children (10+), a doctors referral and parental permission is required, a guardian would be expected to be present also. Having said that, we prefer to work with young adults up (16+), the muskuloskeletal issues we work with are common with adults.

Is this treatment safe?

All the treatments are safe as they are non intrusive, think of them as an advanced sports massage with the use of tools for a more effective treatment.

Do you offer block bookings?​

We don’t push for block bookings as we believe our treatments will get you back to living your life with as few a session as possible. But we’re happy to see you regularly if you need/want to.

Do you offer traditional sports massage?

Traditional sports massage has it’s rightful place, however we think of our practice as an advanced sports massage clinic. Our main focus is to get you out of specific pains and to do that we utilise tools and techniques that allow us to best help you, find out about our techniques here.

I want a longer session than you offer on your booking page, is that possible?

This is definitely possible, just drop us a message we can organise this. Contact us here.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

It’s not recommended for a pregnant woman that is past her first tri-mester to book a treatment, instead I would recommend a pregnancy massage (not a service we provide).

what is a spinal adjustment?

A spinal adjustment, also known as a spinal manipulation or joint manipulation is done to improve spinal motion and thus improve your bodies physical function. These “adjustments” are done at the end of the session following work on your muscles and facia (connective tissue) for the most effectiveness. read more here.

How do I pay?

Following a booking, an email will be sent with a “pay now” link, this will take you to PayPal where you can pay via your PayPal account or your credit/debit card. 

If booking a full body MOT, a deposit will be required at the time of booking, the remainder can be paid via the PayPal link in the email.

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