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Yes! Everyone can benefit. No matter your job or lifestyle, your body supports you through it all, and we're here to support your body when it needs it.

The issues we work with are some of the most common and often ignored pains people just live with, sound like you? Through our multi method sports massage therapies, we want to support you towards a more mobile, confident and pain-free body.

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Emily booth
a day ago

My first appointment shocked me the most , I walked in not been able to bend my back due to pain by the end of my hour I could get just past my knees , and my second appointment I was back touching my toes. Irshaad worked miracles as before I had been to see him I felt so helpless and struggled a lot with pain. After having 5 weeks of pain then having my two sessions with Irshaad my only regret is I should of done it sooner because now I’m feeling more myself I can move more pick things up myself and best of all I can sleep without getting woken up my back pain So Thankyou for saving my back because you more of a job then any doctor would of

meetax meetax
3 days ago

Dm in the morning if he could accommodate me and promptly made a appointment in the afternoon the same day,Visited The Body Mech after suffering knee pain and tightness due to not stretching properly before running ,Irshad was extremely professional and communicates each stage of the process with you providing an stress-free and relaxing session. Through various techniques used by Irshad, he was not only able to alleviate my pain but also loosen up my tight muscles, Will definitely be visiting again! Zubair Adam

Niall Miller
3 days ago

Massive improvement in movement range overall, and definitely not as stiff in my lower back after playing tennis now after seeing Irshaad. He explained the whole process and was very thorough. I was happy with the results.

Amy Burgess
a week ago

I made an appointment for my daughter with Irshaad following recommendation from a friend. After years of pain and little help from medical professionals, my daughter thought she would have to live with severe lower back pain for life. Irshaad was amazing from start to finish, talked through what he was doing at every stage and made her feel at ease. My daughter left feeling like a new person as soon as she walked out the clinic. A week later the pain has reduced significantly and she only has a slight niggle, in which we will be booking another appointment soon. Thank you so much, you really have changed her life!

Sean Kershaw
2 weeks ago

Fantastic service, quick and simple to book in with. Excellent work on problem areas, Full of advice and tips. Struggled with lower back issue, Arrived limping unable to bend lower back, left walking with no problems. Will be booking in again.

Adam Bagas
2 weeks ago

Excellent experience, came out feeling fresher and 10x better. Most definitely will be rebooking.

Holly Webster
2 weeks ago

As a professional dancer I am always suffering with many aches and pains that I now just accept as part of daily life. I visited Irshaad initially hoping to tackle my hamstring/hip flexor problem, but left with improvement all over. He focused on each of my individual problem areas from top to bottom and was so thorough and full of knowledge. He’s clearly so passionate about what he does and really takes the time to cater to each persons individual needs. I left with increased mobility and decreased pain levels. It wasn’t a super quick fix for me, unfortunately he isn’t a wizard but my session has improved my condition considerably and I will definitely be returning and recommending to others. Thank you Body Mech

Rebecca Fletcher
3 weeks ago

I’ve had two appointments with Irshaad and have really felt the benefit. I feel much more mobile and comfortable in my body. Irshaad is warm and makes you feel very comfortable. He explains everything really well. I would highly recommend

James boyd
a month ago

Visited Irshaad with reoccurring back and neck pain that I’ve had for years, after 90 mins and a full body mot with irshaad these issues seemed to be solved, and a week on still the same! Would highly recommend to anyone. It’s the first week I’ve been able to train and Work each day without pain in back or neck.

Faisal Rafiq
a month ago

Top quality service from the man, 100% recommend.

Lewis Thompson
4 months ago

I went to irshaad with no movement in my neck to the right hand side. If I tried I had a lot of pain. After the session with him I could move my neck freely and it felt comfortable. Absolutely recommend if you have any pain or tightness.

David Pearce
5 months ago

Recently went to see Irshaad to help with nagging shoulder pain and a loss in shoulder mobility. I couldn’t believe the difference one session made! I can now painlessly raise my arm above my head again. He explains everything really well as he’s going. I definitely recommend his services to anyone experiencing issues with their shoulders, neck or back!

Sarah Webster
5 months ago

Despite not having any pain initially, I couldn’t believe the difference I could feel after my appointment with Irshaad. I felt so much more “free” in my upper back / neck area. The best immediate impact from any treatment I’ve ever experienced - would highly recommend

Nicola Wallbank
2 months ago

The body mech is a magician. I can't even tell you how you good he is. I paid him a visit after having a dull ache around my right deltoid and I left feeling 1,000% better. This guy isn't just a quick fix, he'll get to the root of the problem and sort your aches and pains out properly. I'll definitely be going back!

5 months ago

Was recommended through a friend and it was one of the best recommendations given to me, irshaad is a genuine guy with a lot of knowledge, I suffered with shoulder mobility and knots and muscle stiffness, irshaad was able to locate the problems and fixed them in one session, also is very honest with what treatment is best for you, will never try to entice you into a unnecessary treatment and will tell you if a extra treatment is beneficial to you or not. Definitely recommended. I always every few months out the year.

Lou Barker
5 months ago

My legs got a good battering with the theragun but they were definitely loosened up after Irshaad used other techniques to loosen up my tight quads. Definitely recommend his work to anyone to help with poor posture, tight or sore muscles. I came away with my legs feeling 100% lighter and my quads loosened up to help reduce knee pain.

chris tulloch
5 months ago

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the body mech - but had heard great things I wanted some help with my posture. Irshaad talked to me about it and then did some amazing things. Showed me what my body could do - then made it do loads more. All whilst making me feel properly chilled and explaining what was happening! If you haven’t tried it - get booked, show up with an open mind and walk away feeling boss

5 months ago

Booked in with Irshaad as I was feeling extremely tight and had a few niggles and some hip pain. After 90 minutes I was over the moon with the results being able to move freely with no tightness or pain. I would definitely recommend booking in with him

Martin Spicer
2 months ago

Good afternoon thanks for your help last Saturday your treatments were a great improvement with the movement of my shoulder looking forward to seeing you next Saturday as arranged kind regards Martin

Kath Berry
2 months ago

After just one visit the muscle pain iv been suffering with for 3 years has gone .my neck and shoulders feel amazing. I'm about to sleep and carry out Dailly activities without pain

Simple Pricing

Pain/Mobility Treatment (60 Mins)

All pain/mobility treatments - Lower back, shoulder, neck and tennis elbow.


Posture Correction (60 mins)

For those of you with a hunched upper back, rounded shoulders and forward head.


Maintenance Session (60 mins)

Working hard or hardly working, this is for those that want to keep doing what your're doing at peak performance.


Full Body MOT (90 mins)

For those of you that either have more than one pain issue or want a little more intensive maintenance session.


How Do We AchiEve Results?

By utilising a number of tools and techniques, we address the root cause of your issue and get you back to your best. Click here to read more…

We’re always looking to improve so expect us to add more therapies and techniques to our sessions, all for your benefit!

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